M2TS Splitter

M2Ts splitter is intended for splitting large M2TS files.The advantage compared to other similar tools is that you can later join the files and get a file that's 100% like the original source file, so you get no kicks or image glitches on the join position. M2TS Splitter also allows preview at the beginning and ending of each partial file that is loaded so that the split does not occur in an bad place like the middle of a sentence.

The files that are split can be saved in different file sizes that can fit on different disk volumes (DVD, DVD-DL, CD, etc.). M2TS Splitter does not require too many resources to run and its appearance seems clean and easy to understand. M2TS Splitter is a great super converter for you to convert your M2TS files .

Free Trial Price: $55.95

Guide : System Requirement

1 Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista™ Home Premium/Business/Enterprise/Ultimate

2 Intel Pentium® 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, Intel Core™ Duo or other compatible processor

3 512MB RAM or better

4 More than 30MB free space needed

5 800x600 or higher Resolution, 16 bit or higher Graphic card

How to use M2TS Splitter

Step 1 please press the button Add Files in the top left of the page button in the toolbar to select a M2TS file, as follow:

    Step 2 Please click drop-down menu on the right bottom of the main interface to choose your M2TS Splitting way: according to the system default values or by custom, as follows:

Step 3 You can also choose Custom Split Size or Custom Split Time, for example, 7M or 5minutes per piece, as the follow dialog box. And the splitting number of output file depends on the the whole size and the time of the source file.

Step 4 Choose your destination.

This destination is a place where you can put your new files. Please click this button Browse


Step 5 After above operations,, press the button  on the main interface to finish the conversion.